30-for-30: Day 29

Ohmigosh I'm way too tired to re-enact my Sunday outfit and post it, so y'all will just have to wait until I get back from Austin this weekend to see 30-for-30: The Startling Conclusion!! (not exactly startling, but dramatic nonetheless that I finished!) I have to say I'll miss it. It's been such a fun challenge, and so amazing to see so many cool chicks out there participating. *sniff* What'll I do now??

And don't forget, if you're in Austin this weekend, stop by Staple and come say hello! I'll be at table #30 in the Hall. Misty-eyed and dreaming of my next 30-for-30 ... and confused about what to do with all the unworn clothes in my closet ...

Shirts - H&M, scarf - Azura, pants - Express, shoes - Nicole, belt - Doubledutch Boutique