FINE. ... Fine.

Awright, awright.  I guess it's time for me to grow up and accept the fact that I'll be on the FODMAPs diet for a while.  I know, I've been a brat since I first heard I have SIBO, and only *kind of* did the whole FODMAPs thing at first. Basically, since I was MOSTLY following the diet, and doing the herbs, I thought it was bullshit that I wasn't feeling better.

(And then threw caution to the wind and grabbed up some cheese and bread and stuffed a lot of it into my face).

Some stuff's happened since. Basically my SIBO is NOT gone, the power of the herbs was useless, and my insides are trying to violently overthrow me. Maybe I'm being dramatic. After I found out my SIBO wasn't only gone but worse, I wasn't sure what to do and limped back to my scattering of ol' FODMAPs recipes and blogs I'd found. Then I lucked upon a Facebook group committed to peeps dealing with FODMAPs and related cray-cray eating plans. Everyone was supportive, friendly, and best of all had stories to share. Immediately I was tld that you can't  do the FODMAPs thing half-assed (to be fair, I was at least doing it three-quarters of an ass). If you do, you'll never figure out if it can help or not. Like one genius poster noted, you've topped off the level of FODMAPs in your body and until you start to make that level decline, you're just adding to the problem. I'm already at a point where it's too easy to make bad things happen, and it's going to take a lot of work to make good things happen. My FODMAPs are at 11.

It's interesting too, to think I was treating this eating plan like a weight loss diet. I figured any effort I put into eating this way was bonus -  as long as I was mostly doing it, it had to be better than my previous habits. Right?? Nah. My gut's not MOSTLY dead, it's all dead.

Anyway. I just wanted to update you guys to my food struggles, and give mad props to the folks out there with specific diet to adhere to. Especially the pioneers in the field! Just like when I meet an older gay man or lesbian or feminist or civil rights activist, I want to shake the hand of the gluten-free fore-fathers: Thanks for all the hard work  you did to make my life easier.

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