A Comic Con in Baltimore

I love me a good Comic Con. And although I've only exhibited at Baltimore Comic Con twice now, it's definitely become one of my top faves. I was a little apprehensive this year about my location (across from Stan Lee, kind of hard to compete with that), but the sheer dedication and interest of the fans that come to this show never leaves me disappointed. Women, families - I've never seen a more diverse group of nerds than at Baltimore Comic Con. LOVE IT.

I tried to make my table display a little higher this year but honestly my teeny logo couldn't compete with the giant back walls and banners of everyone else:

The rest of my display was sectioned out into Comics, Prints, and Cuffs.


Some highlights from this year:

  • Exhibited next to Howie Noeldechen, whose vaudevillian Sean Connery impersonation of Bane kept me and Dennis going
  • Tiny girl in Batman costume, Β complete with tutu (read: not BatGirl, BatMan and arguably pulling it off better than he ever did)
  • Actually, LOTS of girls/women in superhero costumes instead of superheroine ones. Did I miss the creation of this trend? I get it, I'd rather wear Loki's horns than butt floss. And these ladies were rockin' it.
  • 2 nearly naked dudes - Tarzan (GAH Β OLD MAN IN LOINCLOTH) and Xerxes (heyyy, not so bad)
  • Learned that NO ONE wants my Sue Storm prints. Poor Invisible Woman.
  • Saw a HUGE guy dressed as Satan from Legend, fake-battling a Ghostbuster in the street for Orioles fans (aka, the reason I love comic cons)
  • As usual, met loads of awesome people who were cool enough to stop by and talk to me.

Here are the sketches I did, for those not following me on the Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr's!

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