A couple weeks ago my derby life came full circle -- I got to volunteer at tryouts for the new crop of fresh meat. It was surreal - 9 months ago I was on the other side of the fence, sweating and feeling overheated in my helmet and vomitous in my stomach. Every drill instantly put me out of breath because I was so nervous. The drill I dreaded most -- the 23 laps in 5 minutes, pass or fail -- luckily was the second thing we did. After that, and after the blessed rollergirl counting my laps told me I'd passed, I could enjoy the rest of the tryouts with minimal vomitousness. Revisiting tryouts AS a rollergirl was incredibly validating. Not only did I finally feel like I'd improved, but I knew it was possible for each and every one of these girls to one day make it as a rollergirl. They might not realize it yet, but I did. I loved seeing how nervous and excited they all were and how hard they were willing to try. This time around we got a HUGE number of girls who were interested, and a large percentage of them made the league. I've been to a couple practices with the freshies and been appointed a big sis to one of them. Plus, a good friend of mine has recently nabbed an interest in derby and is following along in very similar footsteps as I did to get ready to play.

Derby is everywhere. More and more women are getting interested in it. We'll take over the worrrrrlllllddd!