Wield Those Boobs! For Justice!

I've been kind of obsessed with Power Girl lately. Power Girl who, up until recently, I knew absolutely nothing about. I had heard about Supergirl, and her XXL torso, but I didn't have any interest. I like Superman okay. Why do they need to make a kid sister/copycat/female Superman? He's not interesting enough to inspire a clone.

...Or so I thought! Then Power Girl fell into my lap. She is Superman's cousin, but in some other world/dimension/thing so SuperGirl still exists too. Whatever. What's important is that I found two graphic novels with complete storylines that didn't confuse me with all of the backstory I was missing (this is why most mainstream comics make me anxious - I think of all the endless back issues and multiple universes and years they've been around and give up). Power Girl is a woman with the same powers as Superman, and this is her story about starting her life off fresh in a big city, finding an apartment in Brooklyn, and a vet for her ginger cat.

One would think I wouldn't find Power Girl appealing, on account of her giant bazongas (and by bazongas, I mean BOOBS). Usually big boobs on fictional characters personally insult me (for those of you unaware, I have small boobs). But on Power Girl, they're perfect. She's not just some buxom minx, she is pure power, pure strength, pure woman. Sure, she's got big breasts, but also big muscles and shoulders and hair. She's imposing, which seems to be hard for a superheroine besides Wonder Woman to pull off. Power Girl is confidence concentrate. If I could find that in a vial and pour some in my cereal every morning, I'd be golden. I might have to dilute it - but boy what an improvement.

As it is, I'm currently using her as my spirit animal. I used to shy away from wearing skirts and heels and my hair down at work because I thought I looked too feminine - NO MORE. I tend to feel self-conscious when in a room full of people shorter than me - NEVER AGAIN. I let the world around me frustrate me and make me angry and complain about things like traffic - BEGONE. Now I will be positive, confident, and unabashedly upbeat. (... but I still won't shy away from occasionally punching people)

P.S. These books I've drooled over - written by Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti, illustrated by the amazing Amanda Conner.