Wedding Planning Step 2: STD's

Google Docs has always kind of been my best friend, but I've definitely taken that to the next level by throwing nearly everything I own into a spreadsheet. Links, recipes, ideas, ... I have no idea why, but everything looks better to me when separated by little gray boxes, in columns, in a spreadsheet. So you know any wedding planning I do is going to be TABS GALORE.

Several people have been asking me recently how the wedding planning is coming, a question which instantly stabs me with fear. Why, what should I be doing? Am I doing something wrong? I have a place and a person, isn't that all I need?? Okay okay, I know there will need to be chairs and food and someplace to go to the bathroom and all, since I am inviting and hoping friends and family will come. I guess the thought that I should be thinking of other things right now (rather than sitting around drinking coffee, saying "November is AGES away!" to myself) isn't really on my radar.

BUT! I did get the blasted Save The Date's out, so that's something! We decided to go with Paperless Post, a site that lets you send fancy emails that look like they're jumping out of envelopes and on to your screen. Part of me can't wait to design the wedding invites themselves, because it's a design project and I'm a nerdy designer, but I figured the STD's should be simple and via email. And hey - FREE! So we chose a super simple template and customized it so it would carry our faces instead of the default hipsters.

We're not photo people, so it fell on me to try to capture our essence in a drawing. First, I came up with this one:


Which, in my opinion, screams YAY FUN WEDDING MUPPETS PEOPLE! But for some reason my fiancee wasn't too thrilled with that one (something about his arm looking weird, yadda yadda), so we ended up sending Version 2, the Dignified Adults Excited About Getting Married Drawing:


And since my fiancee is also my Perspective / Anatomy Quality Control Checker on most of my drawings, it became a nice collaborative effort. Since my tendency is to get a bit carried away with appendages and portray everyone in man hands all the time.

So there you have it, STD's are done! It was so fun and easy, maybe the invites themselves should be email too ... hmm ....

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