Webcomic Week

  In order to welcome back regular updates to my webcomic Gods & Undergrads, this week I'm going to have a post-a-day about Why The Heck I Started Gods & Undergrads in the first place oh so many years ago. (Oh so many, I'm afraid I might've even officially started it in 2001, YE GASP)

A look back, if you will, on:

  • What inspired me to do comics in the firstest place
  • How I went about it
  • Things I learned
  • Things I never learned
  • And just what makes webcomics so wonderful in the first place.

Before I start, though, this is not meant to be some sort of how-to on how you should create a webcomic. I'm definitely going to share the things I've learned, but I do feel like over the years I've done everything I possibly could to prevent my webcomic from being regularly read and remembered. So I definitely can't condone my method. But! That's what processes are all about, right? The screwing up along the way?
We'll start off tomorrow with Part 1: My Obsession With the Subject Matter. Stay tuned!