Even just a couple days spent staring at a lake is good for the soul. Even though I couldn't skate on the dirt and gravel roads surrounding my extended family's cabin, I felt energized. I even managed to drag my boyfriend out to jog one morning - proof of the mystical powers of vacation! Before we left I felt pretty bogged down. My team doesn't play in a bout again until October, and let's just say at best, we have a reputation for being un-teamy with each other. Two of the teammates I'm closest to are leaving, and I feel stuck between eager freshies and seasoned vets who are annoyed that I suck. So ... All in all I haven't been feeling very motivated.

Luckily a good friend of mine is preparing for the next tryouts, and I found this great site of daily roller derby exercises. I've got a couple vacations under my belt, some ideas in mind on making the most out of my time ...

Derby seems to be all about highs and lows and plateaus. It's hard staying motivated and competitive and interested year round. So I laxed a little. So what? I think I'm ready to re-commit.