Bonnie Stickers

Ohhh I had so much fun creating these!

These sweet babies are vinyl, waterproof, and just a wee bit under 4" x 4". Perfect for affixing to your phone (like I did over my scratched up case), your derby helmet, or your car!


Get a set of all three or buy them individually at my shop! (I know some of the images seem to be missing there today - Storenvy says they're working on it!)

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New Bonnie N. Collide Strip

Woo! 99 strips done! You may be asking why it's not 112, like it says on my site page. That's because I'm counting the ones that just I did, not taking credit for the gorgeous Tim Fish strips. Which you can read starting here!

I also wanted to let you guys know that since I'm (still) in the process of revamping my whole website, once that's complete I'll be adding an archives page and a character page to this strip. I know not having an archive page has been a headache for some of you guys, so thanks for your patience with me! I promise it'll be worth the wait!

New site's pending arrival? I'm gonna sayyyyy ... mid-August. THERE, I SAID IT. ... (now I have to do it by then! Eep!)