Bmore Into Comics #5 - THIS SUNDAY!

It's time for another edition of comics creators hanging out in a local bar in Baltimore, drawin' things, drinkin' things, and selling their books for all to enjoy!

Come on down to The Wind-Up Space this Sunday, December 14th from 12:00 - 5:00pm for the fun and squeeze in some holiday shopping while yer at it!

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Bmore Into Comics #4!

That's right Marylanders and DC'ers and Virginniers! It's time for another Bmore Into Comics!

What IS this magical thing, you wonder? Why, it's just another reason to get into comics and support your local business scene in the meantime! Support by showing up to a bar and buying alcohol and comics, I mean.

So far we have had THREE WHOLE MAGICAL events, and we're returning to The Wind-Up Space for #4! What you can expect: a super-casual atmosphere, friendly local creators, a bar, a hip space to hang out in, and COMICS!

It'll be from 12 - 5:00 Saturday, July 26th at The Wind-Up Space. Right next to The Baltimore Print Studios and Red Emma's! A.k.a. a fun place to spend a couple hours in Baltimore on a Saturday. We'd love to see ya!

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