Three More Gods

As promised, here are the three latest editions to my Greek Gods series!

Hera's always a bit of a tough cookie to interpret. Wife of Zeus, mother of Hephaestus and Ares, perpetual scorned wife. Personally, I like to think of her as a dangerous multi-tasker. Sort of the ultimate conservative, political wife with the no-good but powerful husband. She's always painted (a bit unfairly) as nothing but a vengeful, jealous goddess out to punish every pretty little nymph this side of Olympus. But Hera, she's got her own thing going. She has the whole of Mount Olympus to run!

And now for her kids!

Poor Hephaestus. Judged from the start to be weak and useless, Hephaestus has proven his worth a million times over any other god on Olympus by keeping them stocked in armor and lightning bolts. Dude can make ANYTHING. Which is why, I guess as a reward, Zeus hooked him up with Aphrodite. Way to pay him a backhanded compliment, Zeus.

Because of course, here's who Aphrodite cheats on Hephaestus with ...

His brother Ares! Because what would the goddess of love be without the goddess of war? Ares has got to be the ultimate favorite child of a goddess who's constantly undermined by her husband - big, brash, ridiculously impulsive, destructive. Does it matter that he doesn't really think before he acts?

I can't wait to add more gods and goddesses! Let me know who you guys would like to see next.

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