Part-Time Princesses Party Preview Party YAY


I'm using Mr. Burns's phone answering technique to excitedly share with you guys that my NEW book Part-Time Princesses (penned/drawn/stressed over by me, published by the amazing Oni Press) is now in Previews for pre-ordering!

(Yes, when this comes out it WILL have a title and my name on it)

I've illustrated a comic for Oni before (Glitter Kiss by amaze-tastic Adrianne Ambrose) but THIS one will be completely my fault! My wonderful, princessy fault, all powdery because it's stuffed full of funnel cake (spoiler - it takes place in an amusement park).

If you're a comic shop, please go forth and pre-order and support! If you're not, looky - the thing I've been mysteriously alluding to (who are we kidding, complaining about the work of) is finally going to be released!

MARCH 2015. Mark it, dude!

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Last of the Colorful Gods & Undergrads Books

EEK! My 2nd volume of Gods & Undergrads (i.e. the book where SHIT REALLY GETS REAL) is almost sold out! Now, I'll be reprinting this volume, so too much panicking isn't really necessary, BUT not in color. Not again, not for a little while. Until, y'know, the massive omnibus of all things Gods & Undergrads happens and I finally do a KickStarter about it or somethin' somethin' (which will probably totally happen at some point).

So if you want Book 2 in color ... act now! It's $8, and I've got four left. Tick ... tick ...

Here are some fuzzy pictures I took with my phone of this endangered beast in the wild ...

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