Wrappin' Up A Comic

Slidin' down into the home stretch, wee-hooooo!

As some of you already know, I'm finishing up my 2nd graphic novel for Oni Press, a project which has taken me a couple of years, some new tools, some dragging my family to amusement parks AND a healthy heaping of self-doubt to accomplish - and I'm NEARLY FINISHED!

I had planned to be finished early-mid July, but alas my neck and back had other ideas and took a moment to punish me for all my slouching. BUT physical therapy and lots of stretching have been helping, so I'm gearing up to punish my body all over again, wahoo! And if I can plug in ~30 hours a week or so for the next month, I'll be done come early August.

Now the reason I'm boring you all with the details of how long it takes me to do things is because I'd like to put a call out for guest artists for my webcomic Bonnie N. Collide! Seemed like a good time to do it, an opportunity to let my characters roam beyond my clutches for a bit, and a way to get all the readers out there to share their guesting skills! If you're interested, I'm looking for black-and-white, 839 pixels wide x 332 pixels high, having something to do with either the story or the world or the characters in which Bonnie n' friends live. You can email me whatcha got here. Browse all the archives for inspiration here!

Depending on how many (if any) guest strips I get, I'll be starting them the 7th of July and going through until August 6th. I love seeing other folks play around with my characters, so if you have any comic inclination, I do hope you'll be willing!

In the meantime I'll be over here guzzling coffee, and nerdily chuckling at The Thrilling Adventure Hour (for those of you who follow me on Twitters, you know I'm WAY behind the times and recently obsessed) whilst I draw endless crowd scenes. (ENDLESSSS) Thanks so much for all of your patience and support and HOLY GOD I can't wait to show you this book!

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Happy Day!

Yesterday was jam-packed with traveling back from New Orleans (more on the Wizard World New Orleans show later, I had a great time!), packing/moving more miscellaneous boxes of junk over to my new house (junk that for whatever reason I can't part with), and opening the pile of mail to find ...

Why, it's a copy of my book Glitter Kiss, written by the fabulous Adrianne Ambrose and published by the amazing Oni Press!! Hot off the presses!

I'm so excited to finally see it in print. It's a great size, and the designer did a beautiful job at putting all the pieces together. It's available for pre-order from Amazon, or it'll be out in a few weeks from your local comic store. Eeeeeee! I'm so thrilled to be part of this super cute book!

I'll stop grinning and go haul more stuff now. :)

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omg omg omg

Okay it's not here yet but it's coming soon ... my first published graphic novel, Glitter Kiss!!! Written by the lovely and talented Adrianne Ambrose, illustrated by yours truly, and published by the kick-ass folks at Oni Press!


Real cover coming soon! Eeeeeee!

Big thanks to the Comics Worth Reading peeps for a mention! I'll stop geeking out now.


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