Gods & Undergrads Book 3 News!

I've mentioned before that I'm spending the month of July spiraling down the (eek, ever increasing) page count to finish up the 3rd Gods & Undergrads book. Now it looks like it really IS all coming together - heh heh, sure there wasn't any doubt - and it will be available in time for Baltimore Comic Con, SPX, all those good things. I.e. Fall time, where I for one will be happy to be done sweating and wearing shorts.

This book will contain the last 2 chapters - all about death, hanging out in bars, Hades, weird glowstick hand powers, boy trouble, and Lelaina's descent into ... well I'm not going to ruin it for you! Plus I'm going to throw in some extras at the back of the book like character sketches, inspirations, and a few guest artists, to boot!

I'm pretty excited about it so I wanted to give everyone a STAY TUNED STAY EXCITED YAY!

And once again, if you'd like a refresher to the comic without actually reading all the pages of it again, check here for the cute one-page chapter summaries. And if you DO want to read all the pages from the beginning, I've added a wee Introduction page in an attempt to organize this ginormous comic into something that makes reasonable sense.

So until then, I'll keep putting up chunks of pages every Wednesday until the STARTLING CONCLUSION. Eeeeeeeee! I'm going to come up with some fun gift to give those of you who pre-order. Stay tuned!


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