The Comfort in Horror - new autobio comic!

Happy Monday! Here's a little autobio comic I made all about going through a crap time in your life and turning to horror movies for comfort. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's done this! Those movies can be downright soothing. It's my little way of sharing my experience going through bullshit and wanting to let you guys out there know that not everyone is having the best time. Social media tends to tell us otherwise, but MOST of us going through the shit don't POST the shit we're going through. I thought it was important to make sure people who ARE going through stuff know that they're definitely not alone. Hi there!

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Go For the Eyes - now for sale!

Hooray, I've finally gotten my act together and put my latest comic, Go For the Eyes, up for sale in my Etsy shop! I'll soon have it available in my BigCartel shop too, but this at least gets the ball rolling.

I debuted this 24-pager at Stumptown last weekend, and already got some SUPER awesome feedback by people who were kind enough to share their own stories of self-defense with me. For some reason, (even though I've already have made comics talking about my boobs and my experiences as an embarrassing mall model) I felt really nervous about putting this particular story out into the world.

Autobio is always funny that way - sometimes you couldn't care a bit what people read and think about you, and other times you feel a bit twingy about it. I'm super glad I finally wrote this book, as it's been banging around in my head for a long long time, but now that it's out there I'm sure I'll rethink all the ways I could've said more.

How do you all feel about autobio? Love it when it's REEEALLY personal, or prefer it with a touch of distance? What about you autobio writers out there - ever feel more hesitant sometimes than others when putting your work out there?

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