Sneak Peek Week

Since I already mentioned in this post that I'll be releasing a new mini-comic soon (just in time for Stumptown, yippee!), I thought I should give you guys a sneak peek at it. This week, I'll be posting a page-a-day from Go For The Eyes, my latest autobio venture.

Since the book deals primarily with self-defense, feelings of inadequacy/weakness in threatening situations, and action stars in the media I've loved growing up, I'd like to invite everyone to post their own anecdotes relating to any of those topics. Ever taken karate? Ever found yourself in a situation that made your skin crawl, but weren't sure how to react? Ever had your nose almost broken by running into a teammate while doing sprints in volleyball? . . . Okay, maybe that last one doesn't really apply to this.

ANYWAY. If you've got stories, I wanna hear 'em! Let's all relish in our stories of FIGHTS.

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