Skate Fear

Last night was the second time I've seen people respond to those wearing skates with, "No. Absolutely not. Take those off right now or leave." What's the deal? Why the skate hatred? I fear I already know the answer, which just involves people assuming that if anything ever happens to you in a place you don't own yourself, you'll sue everyone. And their moms. Because that seems to be the sole motivation for most of the things we do in this country. Can I make money off of this? Can someone make money off of me for this? Those are the only questions we find necessary to ask.

And I'm sick of it! Take some responsibility for your actions! Have some integrity to admit when you were stupid! Grow a pair! If you trip and break your ankle on that sidewalk, you're a klutz. You're not eligible for thousands of dollars. Oh, and that coffee is hot. And that bag is not a toy for babies.

I can understand if you're skating around, scaring people, or creating a dangerous situation. No one wants that. I don't even like performance art near me. But if you're standing still, or stepping slowly around on skates, on a carpet, because it's novel and attracts more people to want to talk to you about derby and your cause, why the hell not? Because you could bust your own ass and then blame everyone else for it. Of course.