I Can Pull Off This Whole Tired Look, Right

I'm back!

I flew in from London late last night after a long but surprisingly doable 8 hour plane ride (I spent my time watching a triple feature of The Five Year Engagement, Friends With Kids, and Men In Black 3, which helped whizz by the hours), but today I'm pretty much completely zombified. Even the cats are horrified at the bags under my eyes. I wasn't sure what to expect from jet lag on the way home, since on the way there it manifested in me being able (and tempted) to fall asleep at any moment for the first three days. I nobly resisted the urge and visited multiple pubs instead -  you're proud of me, right?

So I hope to post a new Bonnie comic today, but hopefully you'll all forgive me if it won't be for at least a few hours. I'll leave you for now with a picture of the first thing that greeted me upon entering London ....

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