Ode to Workflowy

I've been through a lot of various "To Do" apps because I'm a crazy person who makes lists in order to clear her mind. I need somewhere to store all the stupid things I want to do someday, the stupid things I want to do tomorrow, and oh yeah, some of my ideas for comics and things.

So far I've tried:

None of them have really given me what I've been looking for. Evernote was difficult to add things to quickly and find later, Remember the Milk was ridiculous in that it would only sync with your phone ONCE a day, etc. Usually if I noticed I didn't bother opening the app several times a day, then there was something about it's UX that didn't mesh with my crazy brain.

So, enter .... WORKFLOWY! Even the name is fun! And their slogan is "Make Lists. Not War." which makes TOTAL SENSE.

So if you're a comicker who has a zillion projects you're always creating and planning and having ideas for, there you go! Map 'em out, categorize 'em, but (my favorite) look at them all at once too! Oh and hey those of you going through the asinine process of planning a wedding like me? Here's a post on using Workflowy for that! (It also actually just goes through the basics of how to use it there really quickly, too)

**Note: I didn't get paid to drone on about Workflowy, I just like to give some shoutouts to apps and things that harbor KILLER design from time to time. :)

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