Oblivious Competition

Sometimes it's difficult creating work outside of school and having to invent your own deadlines. It can be hard to get inspired or get ideas for new projects. I've found a way around this stumbling block, and that's to find a person who's style/work I admire and decide to silently compete with them.

It doesn't matter that they have no idea that you're competing with them, or even any idea you exist. What matters is that, in your mind, you are going to TAKE THEM DOWN.

When I was in college, I had a Photography class with this girl who I thought had great style. Everything she wore seemed put together just-so, so naturally instead of befriending her and asking her where she got her cute duds, I decided to silently up the ante on my own outfits. It was a tough competition - I think I only won once out of every twelve outfits. It was fun, though, and gave me a reason to try. Later, I saw her a couple years after graduating, and she looked kind of frumpy. And I was sad that I no longer viewed her as a competitor.

For the past two springs, I've been talking about creating a little vegetable garden in my backyard, but have always been thwarted by weeds, hornets, my knowledge of planting things, insert your excuse here. This spring I've been eyeing the spot where I want to make it happen, carefully planning my steps, y'know, holding off until I'm truly ready. Low and behold, suddenly our NEW neighbor has not one, but two roommates, every weekend they've been spotted tilling away in their backyard, and now what do you know - BAM, garden. Right next door, in the plot of land that used to look like a lush forest for rat families. They beat me to it!

That's it, I'm gonna have to pull a Herman Blume. Take them down.



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