New Mini Comic Announcement!

Okay, so I've got a new mini-comic in the works. And by mini, I mean 24ish pages. Because it's handmade and printed out on my very own printer, I feel compelled to still call it a mini-comic. Is there another term for indie/handmade? Is the term "mini comic" still around, or is that just something the old folks say?

I've been mulling around about this new idea for a while now, but I figure if I announce it HERE, then I have to do it by when I say I'll do it. Peer pressuring myself into action! So here goes.

My next self-published comic will be called ..... GO FOR THE EYES!

Along the same vein as Boobage and When I Was A Mall Model, the new book will be a mixture of autobiographical anecdotes and musings on a particular topic. This time around, I'm going to be talking about my experiences with self-defense, violence, and some opinions on how women in action roles are depicted in the media. All squished into 24 pages! I plan on debuting this fine li'l book at Stumptown in the end of April.

I've wanted to talk about this topic for a while, so at first it was really difficult narrowing down what I wanted to say and how to say it. Autobiographical comics tend to be difficult for me, because I always wonder if I should have some sort of message at the end. Like, what's the point of documenting these experiences? Am I going to drag people along through pages of personal memories just to leave them with a "whelp, thanks for hanging out in my mind for a while. Peace!" Or should I have some sort of point I'm trying to argue, and include all my anecdotes as evidence of that point?

I'm still figuring this stuff out, but for me, I think the main drive has always been just to share experiences/thoughts and hope that someone else out there is not only interested in hearing about them, but maybe identifying with them too.

Anyway. I'll start posting preview pages of the new comic soon, so keep on the lookout! If I don't stick to my guns, you guys are gonna have to come harangue me. (are people still haranguing these days?)

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