My Big Fat Wall Calendar

Sometimes all the projects I'm currently working on and want to be working on and anticipating what's coming up next is a bit mind-boggling for me. I definitely prefer looking at the big picture, if I can. I've wanted a giant, yearly wall calendar for my office for a while now, but wasn't having any luck locating anything. Eventually I decided to create my own - hence the wall I painted over with chalkboard paint in this previous post. At first I thought it'd be cool to use this wacky whiteboard paint and make myself a giant whiteboard (what will they think of next??) but didn't trust myself or my bumpy walls to do a good enough job. I figured chalk would be much more forgiving. So after some measuring and tiring out my arms by holding them over my head too long ... ta daaaaaa!

All finished! Now, my first inclination was not to draw in the month divider lines with chalk but to use thin tape instead - but so far I haven't had any luck finding any. I got some Artist Tape, which was thinner than regular masking tape but too low-tack to stick. Actually, not much really sticks to the chalkboard, unfortunately, so I have to scrap the idea to put up post-its for detailed info. It's hard to fit a lot of words in using  these thick chalk sticks.

Years ago I worked in a coffee shop that had a giant blackboard that we'd write the daily specials on in the same vein as Starbucks, and I think I remember that we'd wet the chalk in order to achieve a thicker, more paint-like line. But I'm not positive. Anyone out there have any cool chalkboard tips?