Inktober Week 1


Inktober is that magical time of year when fabulous artists all over participate in doing an inked drawing each day for the entire month of October. You can pencil and then ink, as long as the final output is in ink, but I decided to make it a personal challenge and JUST ink my drawings. I'm a very heavy penciller, so this has been a pretty big challenge for me. Also, I decided to mark the days in my moleskine ahead of time so I couldn't cheat and give up on a drawing I'd started and screwed up.

I know it's already the 13th (EEEEEEK!) but here's a recap of my first 6 days of Inktober realness! (and if you want to see them in real-ish time as I post them, be sure to follow my twitters/instagrams/tumblrs!) Follow a bunch of amazing artists out there by following the #inktober!

What I learned this week: I'm not confident of where I start to put my brush down, and I have a hard time re-evaluating onced I start drawing. But all in all, not bad as I expected!

It's also been a fun snapshot of what I've been up to day-to-day so far this month. Watching a LOT of Gilmore Girls (obvs), seeing Gone Girl, starting to watch Penny Dreadful, having a Haunted Bachelorette Party .... my life is very full .... of TV, apparently. And I've been highly advised to start watching Twin Peaks too, so LOOK OUT rest of Inktober! :) More to come as I post 'em!