Hobbit Feet

Monday I returned to derby after struggling with car and health issues that caused me to miss practice for the last two weeks. Naturally, the day I picked to return was an exceptionally challenging practice -- off skates exercise that wore out my thighs and hip flexors, then continuous skating in one form or another for an hour. Ugh. I actually like some of the more endurance-based stuff when I can let my mind zone out and just concentrate on what I'm physically capable of. It gets distracting, though, when other people notice you're struggling and get annoyed that you're either in their way or slowing them down. Sometimes it gets to me, but I've gotten pretty good at ignoring the unhelpful comments being barked at me.

One thing I really got frustrated  with during this practice was my feet. Cramping up I can usually deal with, but I was getting a lot of pain from what felt like the plate drilling up into my boot. I usually stock up on tights, moleskin, and socks, so it annoys me that it still doesn't feel like enough padding to get me through. It mainly bugs me on the inside toe and ball of my right foot -- the dreaded "pusher foot". I've already started to develop some nice calluses as a result, but apprently not enough. Several rollergirls have told me derby doesn't exactly produce pedicure-pretty feet.

I'm thinking I need to start gellin' like Magellan . . . any foot suggestions out there?