So I finished my "30 days of herbs + FODMAPs diet" sentence and? . . . Not feeling all that great.

I can say there were a few slip-ups here and there (a wedding with cheese readily available) and I wasn't too great with making 1/2 of each meal into vegetables, as my nutritionist ordered. But all in all I think I followed it pretty well (I MISS YOU GARLIC AND ONIONS), so what's the deal? Well apparently I have to make an appointment to take another breath test and find out. Le woe. My question is: what do I do in the meantime? I'm sure if I asked my nutritionist she'd say to stay on FODMAPs and keep avoiding all cheese (she's a dairy hater) until I figured out what's what.

But since that month made me feel worse I'm kind of of the opinion that I'm going to at least start eating FODMAP-friendly cheese again ... and if it takes months to get re-tested, get my results back, and see my gastroentrologist again ...

I can't promise what I'll be eating by then.

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