Filthy Cartoon-itations

Last week I embarked on my most terrifying illustration gig TO DATE: Illustrating Baltimore Craigslist "Missed Connection" ads. They're absurd, vague, and strange - and I was told right off the bat: "Don't be afraid to go dirtier".

Now, I'm the comics equivalent of a Never Nude:


. . . Not really used to drawing nakeds, sexies, or any vulgar absurdities in-between. So I'm viewing this as a fun challenge - not only am I drawing six quick-turnaround sketches based on ridiculous, grammatically curious ramblings, but now I'm pushing the boundaries of what I can actually draw. And if that happens to be dirty. It'll probably just be cute - so far it's cute. Oops!

Here are some of my favorites (although it is kind of necessary to check them out with the actual Craigslist ads):