Et Voila!

Since I mentioned in this post, I'm bad at thoroughly planning a project out before I get too excited and want to see it ... I've updated the main page of my website! It used to look like this:

....Aaaaand now it looks like this!

I wanted the image at the top to be my latest-and-greatest work, so it will change depending on what I've worked on lately and liked. But since it was a picture of my Lipstick & Malice character Nona La Bete, and she was angrily smoking, my friends thought it might give viewers the impression that I was an angry smoker. So I added a little lipstick (as is my custom) and tried to make her look a little happier. I also don't think it particularly looks like me (hello, she has boobs), but apparently I do have a tendency to slouch.

Let me know what you guys think! I know it doesn't match anything else on the site yet, but gradually it will. I have lots of plans to redesign my comics pages so they're much easier to navigate, add a comments functionality, etc. In the meantime, if you guys have any critiques of my current site, I'd love to hear them!