Emerald City

After a whirlwind trip to the west coast for some Seattle lovin' at Emerald City Comicon, I've returned! Here's some stuff I did . . .

First and foremost:

Met my all-time favorite comic book idols ... Wendy & Richard Pini, creators of ElfQuest!! ElfQuest just happens to be THE comic that got me into comics, after a friend handed me her parents' copy while I was getting my hair dyed black in her basement. After that, it was all over. Suddenly I was seeking out comic book shops and doodling as many versions of the Pini's beloved elves as I could on book covers and sketchbooks everywhere. I've re-read the main series several times over the years, and was beyond thrilled to hear they're continuing it as a webcomic on BoingBoing, updated every Monday. You can find all the comics in their digital library here, and apparently uber-cute t-shirts here! I just ordered this one. Yep.

So beyond being blown away by sitting close to my comic book heroes, here are some of the other swell peeps I got to chat with:

  • John Green, promoting he and Dave Roman's awesomely hilarious Teen Boat graphic novel
  • MK Reed, Bill & Dani O'Brien, Danielle CorsettoRandy Milholland
  • Tyler Crook (The 6th Gun) and Joey Wiser (Mermin) at the Oni table
  • Chris Schweizer showed me his amazing Sketchbooks - Although it came out a couple years ago, if you can check out a copy I would highly recommend it. I haven't seen a more interesting and thorough look into comics and the process behind it - it's definitely inspired me to do better!
  • Eric Powell, who showed me some of HIS gorgeously/horrifically amazing books - Chimichanga and The Goon, both of which I will be looking for more of ...
  • The super ECCC volunteers, who not only provided me with water before I even knew I needed it, but were willing enough to watch my table while I jetted off to the bathroom! Seriously, much appreciated when yer workin' a comics show by yourself!
  • . . . and of course, ALL you terrific people who came by to chat and peruse my stuff!

I didn't get to spend nearly enough time in Seattle or hiking up its hills (seriously, I was shocked it was all San Francisco with its hilly streets), so I'll definitely be headed back soon! And maybe to look at something other than the inside of a convention center. Maybe.

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