Eesh, Here We Go

So . . . I might be doing some posting about weddings here. Sorry guys, my bad!

My boyfriend and I recently got engaged (and by "got engaged" I mean "had a conversation and decided to get married"), the details of which leading up to our decision you can read in my new webcomic 4 States 2 Months, starting this Wednesday!

I have mixed feelings about weddings and marriage, so this whole process is going to be interesting. I debated over whether or not even mentioning it here, because who cares? My blog is about the art stuff I do, not the life stuff I weird out about! Okay maybe I do talk about small boobs and food issues here too. . . But now I'm thinking this just might be the tool for keeping my sanity over the next year - using this forum to vent and ask you all questions and keep reminding myself that IT'S ALL JUST A FRIGGIN PARTY NO ONE CARES. Or how Jezebel put it best - your wedding is a press conference for your relationship. And we should all just get over ourselves.

So if you're into how an awkward, artsy, kind of nerdy gal with a giant family will handle planning a big event, tune in here! I'm sure it'll be a fun learning experience. And embarrassing to boot!

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