Day of Rest

I've been having trouble lately with weekends. It's a constant struggle of:

  • Wanting to check things off of a list of things I made during the week
  • Making headway on home projects
  • Tackling freelance business tasks
  • Seeing friends
  • Visiting new places

... all bumping up against that overwhelming desire to do nothing and "relax".

Where does this impetus to do nothing come from? All week at work I'm sitting at a desk, or sitting in a car in traffic on my way to/from. Most weeknights I spend in front of the TV with a glass of wine and a sketchbook. Why do I think I need more of doing nothing?

I suspect that my particular problem is I make a GIGANTIC LIST of all the things I want to accomplish, and if I haven't knocked off 482 of them I beat myself up. And sometimes, when facing that gigantic list, it doesn't look like tackling any of it will make me feel better anyway. Sometimes it's hard to convince yourself that spending 16 hours working on a website that isn't visible yet was a good use of your time.

Maybe the secret is to plan smaller goals, smaller milestones, and then congratulate myself heartily upon completion. For example, today could've gone something like: "You brushed your teeth AND thought about going to the grocery store! Big day, good job, you!"

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