Crazy Pours (and a Bonnie update!)

I love the rain, but now I'm wishing I used the title of this entry for something about wine tasting... I know everyone else complains about the rain but I love it. I love it even though yesterday it rained so hard my skirt butt was wet, making me look like i had a crazy accident in my pants. The blocking out of the sun is one of my favorite parts. Rain gives people a reason to wear galoshes, and bundle up under umbrellas, and gives you a good excuse for not looking at people when you walk down the street. It discourages crazy people from wandering down my street in the middle of the night, drunk, yelling at themselves. It makes everyone hustle home to get cozy.

What I don't love is the cascading flooding we're having. It's like the Rain Gods saved up all their relationship issues for a year and just came over to sob on our couch about it. Quit the drama, already!

Anyhoo ... click here for the next Bonnie installment!