I may not have mentioned this, but in the month of October, on my birthday in fact, my boyfriend and I casually went house hunting. We've been thinking of buying a house for a while now, but enough stuff had come up that we were at an impasse. i.e. The house we were in was perfectly fine to buy, we both had issues with the house we were in, I wanted to move to Portland, we both have jobs here, we both have friends here, etc. etc. But I guess after a few months of listening to the trials and tribulations two of my friends were going through in THEIR house hunting process, something crazy started to seep in, and ... we just up and bought a house too.

I'm not very good with big life decisions (or any decisions). Buying a house seems like one of those major life decisions that I'm not qualified to think about for a loooong long time. Or at least until I start acting like more of an adult. I usually don't have much patience for methodical research or hunting for the best deal. I want things to happen if they will, and if they don't, well then . . . I'm not meant to buy a house.ย Perhaps that's why most of my major life decisions happened very quickly and bulldozed all those walls I normally put up as roadblocks in the way of actually making a decision.

I'll go into the ridiculously fast process we went through to buy a house a little later, but for now I'm going to freak out about packing and moving and simultaneously getting ready for Wizard World New Orleans next weekend. WHICH is a roundabout way of saying that your 2nd weekly Bonnie comic will be up in a little bit! As well as some info on upcoming sales and projects!

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