Connie Britton, Will You Marry Me?

Because I like being behind the times, I'm currently obsessing over 2 shows that everyone else is so over - Friday Night Lights (season 1) and True Blood (season 2). I like to enjoy things at my own pace, awright?

I'd heard FNL was an amazing show despite the football, and my one friend highly recommended the show mainly because of the hotness factor of Tim Riggins. Honestly, I'm more of a Coach Taylor fan myself - I like myself a guy with big eyebrows and a perpetually furrowed brow. ANYWAY. One thing I love about the show so far is the relationship between Coach Taylor and his wife Tami. She puts up with all the football crap and manages to find a place for herself within the insane Texas town football culture without becoming a stereotypical Republican wife. She retains all her spark, sense, and her husband actually values and listens to her opinion on his job. I know I'm only on Season 1, so hopefully this doesn't change ...

Connie/Tami is one of those women I have a crush on/want to absorb their powers. I think she'll be a good influence. (Except for the fact that she makes me think that I can wear dresses and boots and my hair down and look fabulous in the summer heat.)

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