Hey guys, I'll be hosting a panel for this year's ComfyCon TOMORROW!

(if you don't know what ComfyCon is, it's a fabulous webcomics creators convention run by comics peeps from the comfort of their own beds/pajama pants, created by Randy Milholland and Danielle Corsetto!)

The con is going on all weekend, so make sure to follow @ComfyCon on twitter to get the youtube links as they go up - also, here's the full schedule.

I'll be hosting the Making Comics Around a DayJob panel tomorrow at 2:00pm with Jeff Zugale and Gordon McAlpin! If you'd like to know how we juggle comics n' jobs, or what the interior of one room in our house looks like, or want to witness Google Hangouts in their purest awkwardness, join us!

***EDIT: In case you missed it, you can check out the panel here!