CGS Soopashow SoopaRecap!

Just got back from my first time attending the Comic Geek Speak Supershow in Reading, PA, and it was fabulorasa! It was a pleasantly small show, which meant more room to spread out, a lack of B.O. in the air, and more time for shmoozing with fans and comickers. I was honored to be part of the Indie Spinner Rack line-up of tables - which included Fred Van Lente, Colleen Frakes, Sean Ford, Fred Chao, GB Tran, Jeff LaGreca, and of course Charlito & Mr. Phil themselves. At first, Dennis and I couldn't figure out where the correct entrance to the convention was and tried to sneak into the neighboring Gun Show next door. (which always makes me think of DOG SHOW! in my head) Alas, one look at me and I was told I "didn't look like I was here for guns". The nerve!

Sitting next to the food stand all weekend meant every wonderful second of each day, the air smelled like BACON. Which was heavenly. Unfortunately, the bacon was in smell only, because what they were really cooking up was hot dogs. Me - disappointment. Boyfriend - ELATION. This prompted us to spend most of the weekend trying to guess what the sign language for "hot dog" was. Turns out, it's this. Which is actually dirtier looking than what we'd come up with.

I got to draw my first pin-up girl for Kevin Freeman of SubCulture Comic fame:

Dennis made fun of me for making her slightly slouchy. How was I supposed to know pin-up girls ONLY had stellar posture?

Never having been to Reading before, I was impressed by the pretty pretty mountains, the amazing hospitality of the CGS guys, the guacamole made at the table of our restaurant, and how convenient it was just to drive up there for a weekend. I got to check in with my fave gal Danielle Corsetto, meet the loverly Erica Hesse in person, meet the awesome Andy Jewett in person, and speak on my very first comic panel! All around, great times, wrapped up by pizza and Charlito trashing a men's room. RAWK.