Helllloooo everyone!

So after 7 years of webcomicking, 1 1/2 years of roller derby, 1 super successful Kickstarter, and 10 issues printed out on my home printer later ... the collected Bonnie N. Collide, Nine to Five Volume 1 is HEEEEERE!

Packed with the first 361 strips of the comic, plus extras on my process AND an 8-page section of pin-ups, all here for your reading pleasure!

Now available as a PDF OR get the dang printed copy itself by clicking here!

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I finally started a Gumroad account! Since I have a Comixology account for digital versions of my comics, and you can buy physical copies of my comics already via my website (or this list of swell stores), this will primarily be for PDFs of sketchbook collections I create.

My Portrait of a Hitman sketchbook is now up there for digital download - check it out!


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Gods & Undergrads SALE up in here

In celebration of my webcomic Gods & Undergrads returning this month, I'm throwing a SALE PARTY and you're all invited!

Just use the coupon code CHEAPGODS to get 15% off Gods & Undergrads merch (or, really, any merch in my store) AND when you get a G&U book, I'll draw in it the Greek God of your choice!

Like this here Poseidon (who hasn't shown up in the comic ... YET) I did for a fellow reader:

So come on down to my shop and get some 15% off things! It'll help the comic and me and we'll all celebrate Greek Mythology Nerdiness together!

(psst - and if you haven't seen them, I also have a whole slew of Greek Gods inspired prints!)

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Gods & Undergrads Book 2 - Back in Stock!

That's right, Gods & Undergrads Book 2 is now back in stock!

Want to find out what happens when Lelaina really falls for Linden? Or what rage in a college undergrad whose parents happen to be Greek gods looks like? Or who the next God to arrive at Troy University is?

Here's the book in my shop - and order ANY Gods & Undergrads books now and get a sketch of the Greek God of your choice on the inside! (just don't forget to tell me which one)

Oh yeah, and I managed to get it reprinted in full color without sacrificing one of my cats. Hooray!

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