Calendar Day!

Since my boyfriend is off enjoying sun and food and wine festivals this weekend, and I'm holed up in windy Baltimore with a cold, I decided this would be GET MY SHIT TOGETHER weekend. Y'know, when all the stuff gets done. Easy, right?

I think the first step is to attack the dreaded calendar.


A little while ago, I turned one of the walls in my office into a chalkboard and measured out each day over a calendar year. I love seeing an entire year before me so I can figure out what's coming up, what to prepare for, etc. The only problem I found with this chalkboard calendar plan was that I couldn't really write that much in each space. My chalk is run of the mill grade school chalk, so it's pretty blunt and big and couldn't fit much information in for each day. I tried post-its, but the only one that stayed stuck for longer than 10 minutes was this one:


My dentist appointment reminder sticker. That's not cool.

So I think (sadly) it might be time to take down the ol' Calendar Wall and fill out some good ol' fashioned paper calendar with all my conventions, projects, ideas, and plans of attack for the year. Now I've just got to think of something cool to do with this new chalk wall - if only I was as skilled at GORGEOUS chalkboard art like Mary Laurel Burt!

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