Bears in a Boat

A couple of years ago, I worked in a giant cube farm. I survived because I was surrounded by a really awesome group of people (like, REALLY surrounded - they split up the cubes in half so there'd be a charming Cube Tweener forced to sit on the crack between two cubes). AND because there was such a thing as Cookie Time. Every Wednesday, 2:00 pm. Cookie Time. Think about how awesome that is. Despite the cookies and the cool peeps, sometimes I got overwhelmed sitting in such a massive space packed to the gills with people. Anyone could interrupt you at any time, and no headphones could block out the conversation noise and blanketed fluroescent dim of the lights. Since my coworkers and I would habitually change up our computer backgrounds per season, I was scrolling through the usual choices (deserted island, forest glen, inexplicable sand dunes) when I came upon this picture: Just these two bears sittin' in a boat. I have no idea how they got that way, but I assume that their current predicament is all the smaller bear's fault. It looks like we've happened upon the scene right after a family spat occurred.  Why was it just sitting there among all the other typical kitten and mountain range backgrounds? A mystery that will never be solved. This picture immediately became my background, for months and months. There's just something about that overcast sky and the cool gray of that lake that soothes the soul. My coworker Sean started saying "Remember the bears, Monica!" whenever I stressed about the latest insane deadline. And he was right. Just take a look at those two bears, off on some kooky adventure because Junior Bear didn't realize when they'd hopped in that the canoe wasn't tied to the dock. Ridiculous antics ensue, I'm sure. Recently I tried describing this picture to my boyfriend, and he sent me dozens of inferior knock-offs. Googling "bears in a boat" just doesn't do this picture justice. Luckily, while sorting through old office things, I came upon a printout I'd made and taken with me to the next cubicle. And now I'm convinced I have to preserve it for all time. Accept no substitutions. Never forget the bears!

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