Back on the Wheels!

Okay, I did it. After 3 months, I put the skates back on Sunday. (Well, if we're being truthful, I put them on Friday and rolled around my kitchen - SHHH.) And you know what - I didn't forget how to skate! It's unbelievable!! True, I was just as unwilling to turn right as I always am, but hey. I skated consistently instead of my default all-eight-wheels-on-the-ground position (which is what I do when I'm scared/tired/exhausted and need to reset). And we went around the 1.3 mile track 4 times - impressive when I think about how when I was training to try out for derby, some days I could barely go around twice. 'Course, I was skating with a friend who just recovered from dislocating her knee and she was keeping up with me fine ... and I ran into another former rollergirl who was whizzing around the track way more times, wearing way less padding ... maybe I shouldn't pat myself on the back too hard.

But - skating! Yay! Something I can still do!