Asbury Park Recap!

I'm back from the magical Asbury Park!

Since growing up in Maryland and heading over to Ocean City several times in my youth (and a few, unfortunately, as an adult), I was super pleased to see Asbury Park was what I expected from a longstanding beach town. Old, historic architecture that was once flashy and now delightfully creepy and antique. Give me authentic buildings with some stories to them over brand new strip malls and gaudy hotels any day of the week! Especially since I assumed they were all haunted. Including my hotel room, in which all of the walls appeared to be crying. True, it was because the A/C wasn't working and condensation was EVERYWHERE, but it could've been blood dripping down the walls. (Yes, I switched rooms - me + humid and soggy does not equal happy fun time).

So the show was a lot of fun - again, I prefer shows that are housed in a building unique to their town to a generic convention center - and this one was located in the blood-crying hotel where I was staying. Which mean fun architecture and natural lighting galore!

My table set-up wasn't that exciting this time:

But I enjoyed trying to simplify my books in the hopes of making it easier on visitors' eyes.

This super cute family ordered a Mother/Son portrait - they were rocking these costumes!

I also met a BUNCH of the Red Bank Roller Vixens, and the Jersey Junior Roller Derby League! AAAHH, they were so awesome and fierce and holy god they are going to be a million times better than I ever was at derby (okay, they probably are already). More junior derby leagues in more towns NOW!!

I didn't get out much during my brief stay, but I'd definitely head back for some more magical creepiness. I'd just bring WAY more layers - never underestimate the power of a windy beach town! BRRRR!

BIG HUGE thanks to all the great folks that came out and said hello to me!

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