Aggressive Chivalry

Every morning, as I walk in towards my building at work, it's a race. People are inevitably behind me and in more of a hurry than me to get through the doors. (hello, I wear heels) The sidewalks are wide, so I don't mind so much when people pass me. I, too, have been stuck behind a meanderer who can't choose the speed/direction/angle of their walking whatsoever and I end up tottling awkwardly behind them until I finally decide - screw it - make a break for it to pass them. So I get that urge to pass. Passing is fine. What I can't stand, however, is people who rush up behind me enough to the point where as I'm opening a door, they reach over me to open it, taking said door out of my hands.

This is unacceptable. Even more unacceptable is when they do it to me twice in a row. That's right - through two sets of doors. At this point, I usually stop, turn around and stare perplexed.

The unfortunate thing about this (besides my immediate rush to annoyance) is that I'm sure these guys are doing it (it's always guys) from a place of good manners, rather than out of rudeness. Most people don't try to pick fights with you in the morning. So it bothers me somewhat that I can interpret a nice gesture as a rude one. Is my filter that out of whack that I can't even recognize chivalry anymore? I love when people hold doors open for me that I'm rushing to get to in time. It makes my day when someone helps me pick something up, or tells me I have a sock stuck to my pants. But certain gestures - just particular ones - piss me off to no end. No, you may not grab a door out of my hands. No, you cannot offer to let me go first out of an elevator. Don't even try to put your hand on my back to guide me out of anywhere. No. I'm going to be choosy with my acceptance of polite gestures.

Now what do you suppose I'm doing daily that offends someone? Kind of an exciting thought ...