A Little George R.R. Martin Goes a Long Way

Since I've been spending all my time cleaning, packing, trashing/recycling, and preparing for Wizard World New Orleans this weekend, it hasn't been the funnest time. Naturally when your life is in disarray and you know there's more stuff to do before you can rest, it's hard to enjoy the process. So I'd like to take a moment to thank George R. R. Martin and his A Storm of Swords (#3 in the Game of Thrones series) for being my constant companion during this time. Painfully going through old stuff and figuring out what stays and what goes is no longer a problem once I've plugged in my earphones (are we still saying "headphones" these days, or is that like saying "tape deck"?), loaded up my Audible app, and put my iPhone in my back pocket. It perfectly drowns out the vacuum, the sink, the sounds of my boyfriend's frustrated cursing as he dismantles IKEA furniture.

Oh yeah, and thanks also to Roy Dotrice, who does the amazing job of voicing the multitude of characters (even though I don't particularly like his Tyrion voice after seeing Peter Dinklage nailing the part on HBO.)

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