30-for-30: Day 6

Yes, I'm still wearing jeans. It's the weekend, okay?? I tried to shrink them, but I'm having the same problems. Oh well. I'll just limp along with this pair until the 30 days are up. It might be good for me - during the work week I go through jeans withdrawal and therefore oversaturate myself with jeans come the weekend (sometimes even delving into Canadian Tuxedo territory ... ack!)

Corduroy Blazer - H&M, jeans - French Connection, Nina Simone shirt - Etsy, shoes - Nicole, scarf - stolen from boyfriend.

Also, I got my copy of the new Urban Outfitters catalog in the mail. Lately the catalog seems to show clothes that would look good on absolutely no one (including the models featured), so I'm pretty quick to flip through. I did find this worth mentioning -- apparently the Grey Gardens look is in this spring ...

Finally I did come upon something that made me stop smirking - LOOK AT THESE TIGHTS!!