30-for-30: Day 12


Clearly my outfits aren't that adventurous on the weekends. But hey - this 30 for 30 stuff is making me get dressed on Saturdays, so that's something, right?

Even though I had a lovely brunch today with my dearest friend, it was not a stress-free Saturday. First, I think I lost 2 years off my life when I saw a taxi cab with a busted up/falling off fender parked right behind my car and assumed that it got that way because it had rammed into my car. Second, on the drive home in the opposite lane, I saw a cop running up to a car with his gun drawn and banging on the window, screaming for the people inside to get their hands up. Have you ever seen a cop running, screaming, pointing a gun, in real life? I haven't.

If I had had the hiccups at all today, they would've been scared out of my system for good. Whew.

Sweater - Express, Scarf - Rikka, jeans - French Connection, socks - Target, shoes - Kenneth Cole