30-for-30: All 30 Outfits

Here it is ... my complete 30 for 30!

What did I learn from this experience? A bunch of things. I definitely rely on jeans too much, I need more comfortable flats, and it's really important that I bother to get clothes that fit instead of ones that need adjusting! One of my favorite things about doing this, though, is how creative it forced me to be. I had to look at things in my closet in new ways, and make them work rather than giving up on them. Plus, taking pictures of myself every day and knowing I'd be posting for people to see made me try harder in general. And it was fun! Plus I got exposed to a bunch of fun new blogs:

Between Laundry Days

The Glam Mom

The Eclectic Owl

26 and Counting

A Bit of Silliness, Really

A Day In the Life Too

A Little Bird Told Me


A Pretty Penny

... and soooo many more I plan on investigating and stalking from Kendi's Remixer List, where I first found out about doing this 30 for 30 thing. Thanks for reading, everyone! I'm kind of sad it has to end now. What on earth will I wear????

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