Fall Commissions Open!


That's right, I'm opening up commissions for the fall! Since I had to cancel out on going to SPX and ThoughtBubble and New York Comic Con for this year, I wanted to still offer to do commissions to anyone going! (Aaaand since I have a ton of medical bills in my future :/)

I've arranged for friends at the shows to have them available for pickup. OR, if you're not going to any of these shows, I can certainly still mail them to you (I'll just add the price of postage).

And if you're a patron of mine, you get:

  • 10% off for $1 patrons

  • 12% off for $3 patrons

  • 13% off for $5 patrons

  • 20% off for $10 patrons

Shoot me an email to get the party started!