Bonnie N. Collide, Nine to Five #377

Angel Cheryl and Demon Cheryl are preeeeetty much the same thing. So I'm SUPER EXCITED because next week (next Wednesday in fact!) I launch my BONNIE KICKSTARTER! That's right, I'm doing my first ever Kickstarter to get Bonnie out into the world in one big volume! It'll collect the first 324 comic strips, have chapter drawings, and be packed with extras. I'm excited, I'm nervous, you'll come join me when it launches on July 22nd, won't you??

Bonnie N. Collide, Nine to Five #374

For some reason, Bonnie and Slam only have meaningful convo's in dark parking lots like here and here, right? I'm posting THREE Bonnie's this week because I love all of youuuuu! Also, BTW's, the Kickstarter I'm doing for a collected mondo happy fun Bonnie book is a mere couple of weeks away! (July 22nd, AAAAAHHH) So I will be doing a lot of mentioning of it and sweating about it and being SUPER excited to have a giant Bonnie book and sharing it with all of you! Hope you'll join me for the Kickstarter ride! :D:D:D

Bonnie N. Collide, Nine to Five #364

From the planet Aggressivia!

Heyyy this weekend I'm going to be at YET ANOTHER convention, this time Special Edition New York Comic Con (table H-12)! At Awesome Con last weekend my boots finally fell apart - what GIVES, shoes, we're not even halfway through this book tour! Oh - it's summer and I shouldn't be wearing boots? It's gonna get worse from here on out people .... anyways, come visit!

Bonnie N. Collide, Nine to Five #363

WHAT - WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?? That's right, here's your very first Bonnie in color, brought to you by my amazing Patreon patrons!! This month we hit my $100 goal which means one color strip per month, wahooooo!

(Also, I FINALLY saw Mad Max this weekend, and think we all need Furiosa shirts)

HEY DC PEEPS - I'll be at Awesomecon this weekend alllll weekend long at table C-18 in Artist Alley, come visit! I'll be doing sketches n' thangs. Actually, I'll probably just be drawing Mad Max all weekend.